Commercial sound and background music systems

Commercial sound and background music systems

Professional audio components for 100V line audio installations. These systems are used for background music and announcements from small shops to large venues and commercial buildings. We offer a range of specially certified products for voice evacuation systems, as well as for outdoor installation or multi-zone setups. 

Commercial audio systems are designed to be used continuously 24/7, they have simplified and limited controls for end users, and are expected to be reliable and problem-free for many years throughout their service life.

Permanently installed sound systems are used in shopping, catering, education facilities, sports venues, warehouses, airports or hospitals, hotels and places of worship.

AVL Baltic is part of UAB „Audiotonas“ - Lithuania-based integrator of professional AV, sound, light systems. We carry 30 years of expertise working with complex and highly demanding projects in Lithuania and abroad. Out team is ready to help with project management from consulting and briefing to the final installation and end-user training.

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Voice evacuation systems

Equipment for voice evacuation systems is certified and passes strict manufacturing and quality assurance processes to meet regulations.

Voice evacuation systems give clear voice-guided instructions during building evacuation process, thus reducing response time in which the building is cleared of people. Certified Voice evacuation systems are now mandatory in certain types of public objects.


Voice evacuation loudspeakers

Retail and Restaurants

Music systems for mood-setting at shops and restaurants can range in complexity from very simple compact audio setup under the desk, up to multi-room integrated setups that interact with other video or HAVAC systems in the building.

Large shopping centers, malls and shops use 100V music distribution systems, allowing sound systems to be installed in large areas with hundreds of connected speaker units.


Mixer amplifiersAmplifiers with media playersMusic players (audio sources)

Large Industrial Buildings

Industrial audio system needs usually focus on sound distribution in the large areas, therefore it is commonly 100V audio network with options to page messages and relay alarms and other voice messages.


Horn loudspeakers

Sports and Leisure Venues

Sports and leisure venues use large-scale 100V audio distribution networks, allowing various speaker power options at great distances. Multizone systems are common, allowing separate controls and music sources in each area, as well as playing audio messages. In large venues audio systems are often integrated with evacuation or other alarm systems, providing more safety for users of the venue. Especially in places where acoustics are less than ideal, it is common to use sound projectors for more concentrated sound distribution.


Sound projectorsInstallation amplifiers

Multizone systems for Hotels

Audio systems for hotels feature a large number of audio zones that need to have separate control over sources, volume, as well as have paging functionality. Some of these zones are located outdoors, such as pool areas, where loudspeakers must have a proper protection. Typical 100V audio distribution systems are common, however new generation POE loudspeaker systems are finding ways to more and more hotels, as they offer similar multi-zone music controls and easy installation.


Multizone mixersPOE network speakers

Houses of Worship

Houses of worship unlike typical venues come with very authentic acoustic properties. We offer column speakers and mini line-array sound systems with DPS processors to combat sound distribution, reverberation, feedback and delay issues in places, that not always allow full-scale audio installation.


Installation column speakersProfessional column speakers

Sound Masking

Sound masking is privacy needs-oriented solution. It is used where there is a risk of someone overhearing a private conversation. System works by distributing a special noise pattern, making conversations further away still audible, but almost impossible to understand.

It is proven that sound masking reduces workplace distractions, boost productivity in open offices and protect speech privacy in meeting rooms, banks, hospitals etc.

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