Meeting and conference room AV systems

Meeting and conference room AV systems

Audio-visual systems for meeting and conference rooms are designed with highest quality online and on-site communication in mind. From all-in-one products for remote work from home to very complex and extensive DSP powered systems with data encryption for secure communication. Our solutions offer ways to exchange data and ideas, provide tools for immersive remote communication and collaboration.

Modern offices and education facilities benefit from electronic room booking and management systems, networked systems between rooms and buildings. Integrated AV controls can go as far as opening and closing window blinds and switching room lights – all controlled and managed either locally or remotely, manually of completely automatic.

AVL Baltic is part of UAB „Audiotonas“ - Lithuania-based integrator of professional AV, sound, light systems. We carry 30 years of expertise working with complex and highly demanding projects in Lithuania and abroad. Out team is ready to help with project management from consulting and briefing to the final installation and end-user training.

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Video conferencing and collaboration systems

We offer complete systems for remote communication for various size rooms – ranging from huddle rooms to large meeting rooms, as well as compact solutions for home offices. Smaller rooms benefit from all-in-one devices that combine camera with microphone and speaker system. It can be easily plug-and-play attached to computer and external display.

Larger room systems suited for bigger number of participants use moving cameras, that can detect and zoom to active participant when needed, while active microphone array does similar job with sound.


Cameras for video conferencingProfessional video displays

Room booking

Room availability and booking systems are useful for offices and education environments, where real-estate resources are limited. These solutions can help assigning most suitable room for meetings, manage employee usage of resources. Using digital signage it is possible to display room availability information throughout the building in real time.

Language interpretation and discussion systems

We have solutions for large-scale discussion needs, where a large number of participants may need to communicate in different languages. These systems may be permanently installed in the room or using wireless transmission – make it possible to use in almost any location on demand.

Interpretation and discussion systems are most commonly used in city council halls, large scale conferences.


Discussion systems

Networked AV systems

Using networked AV systems it is possible to manage a large number of displays in different locations from a single place. A good example is a chain of clothing stores that use large format displays as part of unified store style. Networked AV system allows store marketing department to ensure each store always display updated content without a need for local store employees to update AV systems manually.

Podcasting and live streaming

With podcasting and online event streaming trend going up, more and more people and businesses become broadcasters in their own right. We offer simplified solutions for podcasting and event streaming needs, such as USB microphones with automatic sound control, subject tracking cameras that follow moving people on stage. For larger scale installations it is possible to connect existing room PA and AV systems and start streaming at the press of a button – such installations had proven successful in higher education facilities, that often need to stream lectures and conferences.


USB microphonesConference video cameras

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