Antari Z-800IIE Mobility and Portability Fog Machine

Antari Z-800IIE Mobility and Portability Fog Machine
Product code: Z-800IIE
Rated power 800W
Warm-up time 2 minutes (approx.)
Fluid consumption 13 ml/min
Fluid tank capacity 0.8 Liters
Operating time 60 mins at max. output
Control Manual, Timer (Optional), Wireless (Optional)
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Z-800II, a cutting-edge technology designed by Antari is aimed to meet the demands of mobility and portability. An ideal machine for easy operation that is perfect for smaller venues and DJs.

The Z-800II, whether controlled via wireless, timer or in stand-alone mode, features rock-steady continuous output. Z-800II can undertake a fast warm-up time less than 120 seconds and produces a steady, constant fog as long as you need without any reheating time in between.

This machine encompasses all technical aspects with per excellence performance and workmanship design. With its high efficient power control system, it now allows the fogger to operate at low-level temperature resulting in 20% less electricity than its previous model.

Z-800II sets the standard in mobility/portability fog machine range presented by Antari. Apparently a user-friendly device and a remarkable fog machine perfect for clubs, discotheques and small venues.